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Have you lost your Microsoft Office file password? That can certainly be upsetting!

But don't worry because we're going to help you find your password in less than 2 minutes flat!

What do the pros use?

Office Password Recovery Professional...

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Will recover your password quickly, no matter how long or complex
Offers multilingual support and can recover passwords in Latin, Cyrillic characters and hieroglyphs
Uses a variety of powerful attacks  (SmartSearch, BruteSearch,  and dictionary-based), and applies them one by one and in combination with each other

Recovers your password instantly iwhen there is weak encryption
Processes multiple files simultaneously which means very fast recovery speeds
Gives you choices as to  the program priority mode
User-friendly interface enables you to start password recovery with just one click
Autosave feature--very Convenient
Free updates and professional technical support for 12 months


"Office Password Recovery PRO saved my job!
Thank you guys!"
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Overview of Microsoft Excel  

Microsoft Excel is the spreadsheet program included in the Microsoft Office suite of applications. Excel is used to manipulate, store, and organize data efficiently. The Excel screen looks like a never-ending table with columns and rows. The rows are labeled numerically while the columns are labeled alphabetically. The screen is full of "boxes" that serve as individual cells where information is entered. Excel is capable of displaying text, numbers, and formulas.
Spreadsheets, Workbooks, and File Types
Microsoft Excel files traditionally are created as a workbook, which can contain an unlimited number of spreadsheets. Spreadsheets are used to record tabular data and create tables. Spreadsheets are used to create invoices, financial statements, survey results, and a variety of other documents. Additionally, Microsoft Excel files prior to 2007 were saved as XLS. Starting with Excel 2007 files are saved as XLSX, which stand for Office Open XML.

Working with Formulas and Functions

Microsoft Excel is capable of performing advanced mathematical functions, which are entered as formulas. Excel can compute common statistics and calculus problems as well as everyday math. Excel can add, subtract, multiply, and divide numbers, providing accurate results. Excel is commonly used in the financial and research sectors because of its complexity and ability to display beautiful results. Excel will change the results when information is changed or modified, allowing for real-time updating.

Charts and Graphs

Microsoft Excel provides the option to create a variety of charts and graphs from a data table. Excel can create bar, column, line, pie, scatter plot, area, and doughnut, radar, surface, bubble, stock, cylinder, cone, and pyramid charts. With the availability of 2-D and 3-D charts, users can select an appropriate display for their data. Three-dimensional charts work well for interactive presentations whereas 2-D are suitable for reports and printed medium.

Formatting and Working with Cells

While Microsoft Excel is a mathematical program by default, the user interface allows for the formulas and data to be displayed with ease. Users can modify the typeface, size, and color of the data. Widths of rows and columns can be adjusted as well as the alignment of cells. Users can merge cells as well as add a border or fill color to them. Users can create borders around the text and add images or clipart to the spreadsheet.

Advanced Features

Microsoft Excel documents can be interactive by the use of Visual Basic, a programming language. Users can create buttons; add scripts, and other interactive elements. Additionally, Excel files can be password protected and marked as read only to prevent modifications.


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