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Have you lost  your Microsoft Office file password? That can certainly be upsetting!

But you can stop worrying now because we're going to help you get those passwords back in less than 2 minutes flat!

What do the pros use?

Office Password Recovery Professional...

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Will recover your password quickly, no matter how long or complex
Offers multilingual support and can recover passwords in Latin, Cyrillic characters and hieroglyphs
Uses a variety of powerful attacks  (SmartSearch, BruteSearch,  and dictionary-based), and applies them one by one and in combination with each other

Recovers your password instantly iwhen there is weak encryption
Processes multiple files simultaneously which means very fast recovery speeds
Gives you choices as to  the program priority mode
User-friendly interface enables you to start password recovery with just one click
Autosave feature--very Convenient
Free updates and professional technical support for 12 months


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Different Password Recovery Software Methods Available

Passwords are designed to keep you safe and ensure that only you have access to your personal accounts, information, and even office documents. Setting a password on a document is a basic layer of security that prevents other people from viewing the contents of these documents even if you leave them lying around. The only problem with this protection method is if the password is forgotten. With no backdoors in standard office documents, you will have to resort to the different password recovery software methods made possible by certain applications. Most applications have these types of office password recovery methods available.

Dictionary Attack

Dictionary attack is a quick recovery method that makes use of an index file containing a list of words found in a dictionary. The software utilizes the processor's power to feed in every dictionary word in the list until it matches the encrypted password. With the latest processors today, going through an entire dictionary can be fairly quick. Other programs may call this the text-based attack because the dictionary can be edited as a text file so new words can be added whether or not they are found in the dictionary for recovery. The only limitation is that the word must match the password exactly meaning any added numbers or symbols to the word will leave the attack with no results.


Brute-force attacks are a more flexible method of password recovery because it tries to guess every single combination using letters and numbers. With millions of possibilities especially when numbers and symbols thrown into the mix, password recovery using this method can take days to months even on fast systems. The flexibility aspect of it can make things faster if you have a better idea of the password that you forgotten.

For instance, if you know the length of your password, you can set that length to save considerable time. You can even save more time if you are sure that your password doesn't contain numbers or symbols. If you remember a part of the password, the brute-force method should attain it much faster. Case-sensitive passwords take longer to recover since the upper case letters add to the number of combinations.

Other password recovery software may have derivatives of the brute-force attack like the Xieve Attack which tries to guess passwords that are like English words, but scrambles them around to find a match without taking too much time.

Joined Attacks

Some programs may use both dictionary and brute-force methods to find complicated passwords even faster, but multi-core processors are usually recommended.

To save time, try to get all the information that you can remember about your password before using an office password recovery tool. That way, you can easily choose the right options and just leave your computer on until you recover the password.

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It is no secret of how powerful this software is. Office Password Recovery is recognized as the most powerful recovery tool for all Microsoft Office applications. No matter how tough your passwords are, it will be able to recover all those that are forgotten or lost so that you can open your files and modify them. This isn't difficult  with Office Password Recovery  because it does it with ease and speed!

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