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Have you lost  your Microsoft Office file password? That can certainly be upsetting!

But you can stop worrying now because we're going to help you get those passwords back in less than 2 minutes flat!

What do the pros use?

Office Password Recovery Professional...

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Will recover your password quickly, no matter how long or complex
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Uses a variety of powerful attacks  (SmartSearch, BruteSearch,  and dictionary-based), and applies them one by one and in combination with each other

Recovers your password instantly iwhen there is weak encryption
Processes multiple files simultaneously which means very fast recovery speeds
Gives you choices as to  the program priority mode
User-friendly interface enables you to start password recovery with just one click
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  Do's and Don'ts for Storing Passwords

 Passwords are a very popular way in securing files, folders, accounts, online information, access, and other personal areas where unauthorized access needs to be restricted. The best place to store these passwords is in your mind and if you can do that, you shouldn't have any problems as long as you login without other people seeing what you key in. But lost passwords are a possibility especially if you have different passwords set for different accounts. Having different passwords is actually a good thing as it increases the security for each of the accounts, so try these methods of storing passwords while avoiding other methods.

 Things you Should Do

One good way of storing passwords is by using a special application where you can safely store all the passwords in an application and password that application with a certain master password. For this method to be effect, you need to set a very good password that is difficult to guess, but easy for you to remember because forgetting that password eliminates your hopes in recovering the rest of them. This method is useful in managing lots of different accounts set with different passwords.

 When you register certain online sites like forums, shopping sites, social networking sites, and other online areas for the first time, you will usually receive an e-mail that contains your registration details and may include the password that you set. Providing that your e-mail has a good password, you can avoid the scenario of lost passwords by creating a folder for all these e-mails to go in. For greater security, you can give the folder a vague name to avoid other people that may access your account that might explore those areas in case you forget to log out. Still, always remember to log out of your e-mail account and change your password regularly to keep these stored passwords safe.

Things you Shouldn't Do

 Never write down passwords on a sheet of paper and store them anywhere even if you do not give an indication that it is a password. You never know if someone comes across that paper even if it is a family member or a friend. In many online services, you are not notified if an unauthorized person logged into your account using your password so make sure your password is kept away from physical eye contact.

Avoid storing passwords in unprotected areas of your computer as well unless you plan to store the file in a very remote area and disguise it as another file type to reduce the possibilities of that file being opened. Don't store them in word documents either because even if they are encrypted, password recovery tools may break the encryption allowing the contents to be read. Storing them in mobile devices like cellular phones aren't recommended either because if these devices are lost, anyone that may find it may come across your lost passwords and use them.


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