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Have you lost  your Microsoft Office file password? That can certainly be upsetting!

But you can stop worrying now because we're going to help you get those passwords back in less than 2 minutes flat!

What do the pros use?

Office Password Recovery Professional...

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Effectively recovers Office  passwords of any length and complexity
Offers multilingual support and can recover passwords in Latin, Cyrillic characters and hieroglyphs
Uses powerful attacks fine-tuned (BruteSearch, SmartSearch, and dictionary-based), applying them one by one and in combination with each other

Recovers MS Office  passwords instantly in case of weak encryption
Processes multiple files simultaneously which means very fast recovery speeds
Gives you choices as to  the program priority mode
User-friendly interface enables you to start password recovery with just one click
Autosave feature--very Convenient
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Separating the Good Passwords
 from the Bad Ones

Whether you are connected online or staying offline, computers are often accessed these days as they serve as a reliable storage center for data and information. Some of the information that is stored in your computer isn't for everyone to see giving the importance of passwords to restrict access to you and those that know the password. Use of passwords are more frequent online ever since e-mail was introduced and now social networking sites, forums, portals, and any private networks require a password for authentication. Setting a good password to avoid password guessing and other methods of password recovery is vital to keep your data and access safe. Good passwords are separated from bad ones in three main categories.

Password Length

Because of the presence of brute-force utilities, password length is very important for security purposes. Short passwords have the advantage of making it easy to remember and quick to key in when logging in, but brute-force utilities that use the CPU to try all kinds of key combinations to "break in" will easily determine the password especially if it is under 5 characters. Setting longer passwords won't eliminate the possibility of brute-force attacks, but they will significantly extend the time a brute-force attack takes to find the password making it an unreliable solution. 8 to 10 characters should be comfortable as long as you can remember the password.

 Password Composition

Password composition is equally important even when your password is long. Some people prefer having long passwords that are found in the dictionary for easy recall. While brute-force recovery methods aren't reliable, dictionary attacks may work if a good dictionary is used. It is a faster way of recovery since it doesn't rely on combinations. To avoid this password recovery attempt, combine your password with numbers or keyboard symbols. This will also make your password a lot more difficult to guess.

Password guessing is also popular amongst people that are relentless in breaking into accounts and they would often try common passwords like "12345" or "abcdef" or trying to key in the numbers of the user's birthday. Try to avoid setting passwords like that and compose your password in an alphanumeric way that is convenient for you to recall.

 Password Variance

Once you have a good password set, you will most likely use it in other accounts to avoid confusion. That should be fine if you are confident that your password is good in both composition and length, but for added safety especially in very private accounts, make another password for these accounts just in case one of your passwords are revealed because some use the same password to get into other accounts.

There are lots of people that set easy to remember passwords and do not encounter any problems, but it is better to be safe by following these guidelines to ensure that all of your accounts both online and offline are secure.

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It is no secret of how powerful this software is. Office Password Recovery is recognized as the most powerful recovery tool for all Microsoft Office applications. No matter how tough your passwords are, it will be able to recover all those that are forgotten or lost so that you can open your files and modify them. This isn't difficult  with Office Password Recovery  because it does it with ease and speed!

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